Rebranding, as the kids like to say!

Wow it has been a while since the cobwebs were dusted off
around here! A bit of rebranding is going on, as the kids like to say. VHS tapes, especially home videos are becoming harder and harder to find and share (especially with home videos almost ALWAYS having copyrighted music playing in the background… something YouTube isn’t so keen on), so I wasn’t updating too much here lately.

However, I have been developing concepts for a new web series revolving around my thrift shop finds. Seemed like a good time to clean house and rebrand. I hope to monetize this new effort, so it only seemed respectful to remove the home videos from the YouTube channel as well. I had a number of people reach out to me over the years thanking me for uploading content they thought was lost, graduation video, past family videos, etc. I might create a lost and found section where I try to reach out to the original owners, but for the time being it seemed best to remove previous content, unless it served as nostalgic joy to a larger collective audience.

That said, look for future videos on the odd finds and more about this fun series. Still working on details, but effectively it will be somewhat similar to “How to Play” board game videos, but feature board games no one will ever play. I have collected nearly 200 board games, mostly from thrift shops. Sub Search, by Milton Bradley, easily the largest board game in my collection, is slated to be the first. Be patient as I have some lofty goals that will take time… like building a background set. Keep an eye out for it, but until then, expect to see more and more quirky thrifting videos!

Hope you stick around and continue to enjoy the odd Americana hidden at thrift shops, just waiting to find a forever home!