Judy & Joe’s Golf Lesson ’94

While at a thrift store in Orange, CA, there was a fairly impressive selection of VHS tapes. While most shops offer their tapes for $0.50 or $1.00, this place was offering them for $0.75 for 6 tapes! How could I resist?! Digging around, I found the usual Disney clamshells and numerous two cassette box sets of Titanic, but did find some gems. Most notably, this tape:

Judy & Joe Golf Lesson

Judy and Joe seem to have been avid golf players and this is a tape of two different days’ lessons, both in 1994 (thanks to time stamps displayed in the video software used to capture their swings). Please enjoy Judy as she does a great job following direction, and Joe who… well… voices his concern and frustration about his progress. So toss that cigarette onto the green, as Joe does, then pick it back up and take a puff as we enjoy Judy and Joe.

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